Smoothie diet: Lose weight with delicious smoothie recipes

You may have to get used to the fact that in the smoothie diet, you usually eat your food in a liquid form, but you do not have to go hungry, because some recipes are true satiety . The advantage is that you can vary a lot with the recipes and adapt them to your personal taste. This makes smoothies extremely versatile.

By mixing a great deal of fruit and vegetables , you also consume many vitamins and minerals so that you should not be deficient. Proteins provide protein supplements, for additional saturation you can mix a few oatmeal. You see, it provides variety and balanced the smoothie diet is still!

What you should pay attention to in the smoothie diet

The quickest way to lose weight with the smoothie diet is to eat only vegetable-based smoothies during the diet. In this way you can lose a lot of weight in a short time with the diet .How meaningful that is, it can be argued about. We would suggest that you replace the three main meals with saturating smoothies for a quick success for one week and eat two small snacks in between. In this way you will still be full despite the calorie deficit and the cravings should be avoided .

You can also carry out this method in the long term and thus do something permanently for your fitness and your health! Many people have been able to make positive smoothie diet experiences throughout this way .

In addition, you should note that you drink enough liquid despite the smoothies! At least two liters of water or unsweetened tea should be daily on the plan. Also, prepare your smoothies yourself with your smoothie maker! So you always know exactly what’s in your smoothies. If you do not have a suitable smoothie maker, then we can recommend the following device, for example. It is cheap and our experiences with it were very positive!

Smoothie Weekly Diet Plan

Now we want to give you a smoothie diet schedule on the way that you can stick to. Of course, you can always vary the ingredients a little depending on your taste! The smoothie is also super light: prepare the listed ingredients in a smoothie maker and puree them to the desired creaminess. If the smoothie is too thick for you, add a little more liquid. Et voila!

Strawberry and watermelon smoothie

This smoothie is just two main ingredients – which are already revealed in the name. The ice cubes and the fresh mint, it tastes twice summery and is the perfect aperitif for a barbecue – or just in between. You need these ingredients: Additional summer tip : Of course, you can also fill the finished smoothies in ice molds and then enjoy them as healthy popsicles . Try it, you will be amazed!

Conclusion for the smoothie diet

There is hardly a diet that is even nearly as versatile. After all, you can turn everything your healthy heart desires into a smoothie. Whether as a crash diet or slow weight loss miracle, smoothies are a great meal replacement and can be prepared in a variety of ways, so no boredom should arise. Just try some of our recipes or change them to your liking – that’s why smoothies are so handy!

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