Quick Weight Loss: 6 Ultimate Tips for Dieting, Exercise and Healthy Weight Loss

If you are wondering now, where in the list actually the sport has remained and what your sleep has to do with weight loss : Do not worry, an explanation will follow later! But first there is an answer to the most burning of questions …

How can I lose weight quickly?

In the short version, the answer is: you can lose weight quickly by creating a high calorie deficit . This means that you consume much less energy through food than you consume during the day. You should eat about 400-500 calories less per day to lose weight.

However, that does not mean that you should stop eating . If you refuse your body almost all energy for more than 3-4 days , it switches to the hunger metabolism. You lose weight, but as soon as you eat more, the body in its desperation stores the fat all the faster – and here it is, the dreaded yo-yo effect .Apart from that, there is always the risk of an eating disorder if you abstain too radically . You can avoid this danger right from the beginning by skipping fast weight loss. The key factors of any diet are: That diet and sport play an important role, of course, is no longer a secret. But: how important is sports for fast weight loss really?

Losing weight quickly with and without sport

The fact is, the more muscle you have, the more fat you can burn and the faster your customer success will be. That does not mean, however, that losing weight without exercise is completely hopeless.

Lose weight quickly with sports

If you want to exercise while losing weight, weight training is the best choice . First of all, by training the big muscle groups through full-body exercises, you quickly build muscle, which in turn boosts fat burning properly.

With moderate strength training, you’ll build muscles pretty fast to support your weight loss process – in fact, even more than jogging or similar cardio sports . Because while you burn a lot of calories, but not as much fat as by building muscle.For fast weight loss, you should ideally rely on strength training with high-performance intervals (HIIT training).

Lose weight quickly without sport

With Sport, you can lose even faster, as far as the sobering message for all movement muffle. However, sport is not a must , because body weight is primarily influenced by the diet.So if you change your eating habits accordingly, you’ll lose weight quickly even without exercise. Very important is the protein content in your meals and a constant level of insulin .

5 kilos in a week: how fast and how much can you lose weight?

Many diets entice with prospects like “5 kilos in a week” . That sounds feasible and yet after a visible result, but in the end is often an empty promise. Because everyone’s body reacts differently quickly to changes in diet. Everyone brings a different initial weight and a different metabolism. How should it be possible to set a very sweeping customer order?

You can orient yourself according to the following guideline: Up to 2 kilograms of fat per week are possible when losing weight, you have good chances for long-term success with half a kilo per week . Of course, you can lose 5 kilos or more in a week, but this result will probably not last for an average initial weight.

These results usually require a crash diet, which does not really make sense. Because flash diets cause stress , which in turn your increase cortisol levels can . This way, fat can accumulate all the more easily, you have no sense of achievement, and you tend to frustration – so in the end the weight goes up instead of sinking.

Quickly lose weight on stomach, thighs and Co .: Is that possible?

Fat has the annoying habit of sticking to your stomach. The abdominal-leg-butt region is therefore the focus of weight loss. The bad news: It is not possible to lose weight on the abdomen , and this also applies to other areas.Because the fat loss does not occur with every person in the same body region , and just the belly fat is very persistent . But what you can do is targeted muscle training that reduces body fat and makes your skin look firmer. Again: first train large muscle groups, then deeper muscles through crunches and Co.!

Fast, effective and healthy slimming: the diet tips explained

Behind the above 10 tips for fast weight loss, of course, is more than general talk. That’s why you’ll find the tips explained here in more detail – because if you lose weight quickly, then you will do it right and with lasting success!

Tip 1: Set a realistic goal

One point that is often overlooked is the chance of success. But in the end, you need a realistic goal , not one that some gossip magazine will tell you. Do not follow the results of other (prominent) people. That puts you under pressure.Think about how much weight you can realistically lose, what methods you want to use, and what your overall goal is . Is it in 2 weeks in the beach holiday and you just want to lose a few kilos, because you want to bring you back at the buffet all the more relish? Or are you generally dissatisfied with your appearance and want to see permanent success as quickly as possible?

Tip 2: Bring the right setting

Immediately associated with the first point is also this tip: The setting counts. Diets often fail because of the feeling that they are overbidding and losing quality of life. At the same time we get a guilty conscience, because according to various advisers “losing weight with pleasure!” Is so easy.theoretically eat unhealthy things, you just do not quite consciously . And if you can not resist, you will not be “weak”, but you will make it different tomorrow.

Tip 3: Drink a lot

Old but gold: Even though you probably can not hear this tip anymore, it’s a long-time favorite for a good reason. According to a Focus survey of nutrition experts, it should be at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water or unsweetened tea / coffee daily . On the one hand, this reduces your feeling of hunger and, on the other hand, it neatly boosts calorie burning.

For example, if you drink a large glass of still water 30 minutes before eating , you can burn up to 30 percent more calories in the hour after drinking . Plus: Even skin and hair are looking forward to an adequate supply of water!Pure water is less exciting than soft drinks and juices – or is it not? For the extra weight-loss boost you can add additives such as cucumber, mint, lemon and ginger to your water and thus kick-start the cycle and fat burning.

Tip 4: Timing right

There are quite a few different opinions about the right time to eat and according to the German Society for Nutrition (DGE) there is not the one optimal, universally valid eating rhythm. Basically, however, if you do not eat after 6 pm , your stomach has a rest period of at least 12 hours overnight and the “fattening hormone” insulin can not live up to its name!

If your insulin level does not rise, fat is taken from stores instead of carbohydrates and burned . “Slim in sleep” so? It’s not that easy, but an early dinner is still a good idea.There should be a break of at least 3 hours between meals . This also applies to snacks, because they also boost your insulin levels. If you stick to the division of 3 main meals and 2 snacks , this is a feasible time frame.

Tip 5: Eating instead of starving

Many people associate fast weight loss with the thought, “What I do not eat does not make me fat!”. However, that’s not true, because – as contradictory as it sounds – to lose weight, you need food . Of course, it depends on the food itself, but also on the way to eat.

Specifically, this means: Eat slowly and chew a bite as often as possible . Because your satiety begins after about 20 minutes, so you only recognize the time when you are slow enough to eat enough and can stop. Eat best of a small plate , because even economical portions appear much larger.

And finally, the most beautiful news: Many diets provide for a cheat day , where you theoretically allow yourself everything . It is ideal, of course, if you then still resort to healthy carbohydrates.

Tip 6: Prepare meals properly

Another classic among the weight loss tips is the right composition of your meals. Every meal should contain proteins, good fat and low carbohydrate vegetables . If you do not want to figure out nutritional values, it’s a good first step to skip finished products or to look at the ingredients.

The more complicated terms are on the package , the more likely it is that the product contains hidden sources of sugar and Co. The safest way to make a clever meal is still to cook with fresh ingredients and at least to deal with protein and carbohydrate levels.

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