Metabolism Diet: Diet Plan, Experiences & Recipes

First, of course, we have to clarify what we mean by the metabolic diet. Anyone who has already dealt with diets, certainly knows that the function of the metabolism – also known as metabolism – controls the diet success significantly . When the metabolism goes on tour, it also works with the weight loss and exactly this principle is based on the same diet.

The goal is to stimulate the metabolism through a change in diet. This means that carbohydrates are broken down by the metabolic process and the body’s own fat reserves are broken down. What follows is a weight reduction that often starts after a short time. The concept of metabolism varies greatly depending on the method. There are different variants . For example, the blood group diet is also referred to as a metabolic diet. Here an individual nutrition plan is designed depending on the respective blood group. The diet should appeal in particular to sick people who want to lose weight without health restrictions.

Successful with the metabolic diet – The diet

Basically, the metabolic diet is comparable to a diet in which carbohydrates are largely saved . Thus, there are also some parallels to common low-crab diets . However, this is not surprising since rapid weight loss is only possible if carbohydrates or even sugars are greatly reduced. Thus, in the metabolic diet is a very protein-containing diet in the center . Meals such as lean meats and fish are the focus and are complemented with vegetables and fruits. Lean dairy and eggs are also on the menu. Sugary foods, alcohol, salt or oil, however, are taboo. This also applies to sweet juices or soft drinks.

Advantages and disadvantages of the diet

Like any diet, this nutritional concept is quite radical in the daily diet. Many habits have to be discarded in order to benefit from successes. Traditional supplements such as potatoes, rice, pasta or even bread do not see most of the metabolism diets or only slightly, so you have to set new priorities

Even vegetarians have a hard time , because meat forms the staple food , so to speak . This can quickly become quite monotonous even for friends of lean turkey or chicken. So permanent motivation is needed to withstand food cravings, which can adjust quickly by the few carbohydrates, so as to adhere to the strict diet.

Nutrition experts are also constantly criticizing high protein diets as they provide a very one-sided diet that primarily supplies the body with fats. This should not be positive in the long term but has a negative impact on the metabolism and, according to the experts, does not constitute a balanced diet.

However, the radical renunciation of sugar also offers many advantages. The blood sugar level and thus the risk of developing diabetes decreases.  Likewise, harmful fatty deposits in the arteries are broken down more quickly , which also applies to fatty deposits on organs such as heart and liver.

Not to be despised is also the rapid weight loss , which is certainly the biggest advantage and much higher than in diet plans that continue to integrate carbohydrates in the diet.

Regarding the phenomenon that after the diet the yo-yo-effect does not exist despite the “normal” diet, there are only few proofs or empirical values. So you should not rely on that. Especially if you go back too fast into old wrong nutritional patterns.

Nutritional Plan and Recipes for the Metabolism Diet

The metabolism is divided into the usual three main meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. The breakfast is usually very poor. For example, in the most famous metabolic diet, the Max Planck concept. Only at noon is more or less “feasted” to end the day with a light dinner.This throws the diet overboard the basic concept of many other nutritional plans. Breakfast is usually the main meal in order to prevent food cravings or a rapid decline in satiety.

The diet plan – which will be continued for around 14 days – provides for a very lean breakfast , which can be made up of coffee and optionally fruit salad, skim milk yoghurt or even a dry wholemeal roll (dough dough).On the other hand, lunch is based on a classic lean type of meat such as chicken or turkey. Also fish is recommended. In addition there is a green salad. Alternatively, the meat can be replaced as a protein source with eggs or cheese. In order to bring variety into play one should vary the dishes differently in the two weeks.

The dinner, however, must turn out a little easier again . Again, a salad or fruit salad is allowed. Should there have been no meat or fish at lunch, then this may well come to the evening for the table. For example, with vegetables as a side dish. But alternative is also a dry spelled bun combined with fruit salad or green salad.Tip : It is recommended after about 7 days, a so-called load-day. Almost everything can be eaten at this, according to which the stomach requires, but one should make sure that a calorie amount of 1400 is not exceeded.

The purpose of this gourmet’s day is to rekindle the metabolism by supplying calories. Experience has shown that you lose more weight even faster then. In addition, this cheat day serves as a little emotional support to keep up the motivation. In the following second week, one can then orient themselves again to the said compilations of the meals.

Our tip : even if a diet promises rapid success, in the long term, there will be no way around a sustainable change in diet including exercise . Try to get rid of sugar as good as possible in everyday life . See it as a challenge, for example in Lent. After 2 weeks without sugar, you will see that you are already feeling much better and your craving for sugary foods and drinks is rapidly disappearing. Combine this with 2-3 endurance training sessions per week  (such as cycling ) and you will see that the pounds slowly but surely tumble by themselves!

Unfortunately, like any diet, the dietary diet also sees a radical change in eating habits. Otherwise, however, the goal of the desired weight can not be realized. It is therefore a prerequisite to raise the corresponding motivation and to show an iron will. In the end this will be rewarded with a very quick and drastic weight loss thanks to the low-carb concept. And the prospect of a yo-yo-free diet, sounds somehow auspicious.

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