Consuming fiber helps lower cholesterol levels

Having high cholesterol can lead to cardiovascular disease. The fiber present in some foods will help control it.


If you have high cholesterol levels but nothing worrisome there is a simple trick to lower them: increase fiber intake can lower your cholesterol levels up to 10%, because it reduces LDL or bad cholesterol.

What foods have fiber?

Foods such as whole grains, unpeeled fruits, seeds, legumes and vegetables are the richest in this nutrient. Introduce them into your diet with more reason if your cholesterol is somewhat fired. Make sure that at each meal there is one or several foods of this group. You can introduce the fiber in a simple way at breakfast, lunch, snack with healthy snacks or dinner.

The fiber is not digested, it is expelled as it is from the organism, and in its path it is dragging various substances, including cholesterol, which means that cholesterol is not absorbed as much and levels are reduced. Therefore, eating foods rich in fiber is one of the tips that doctors recommend to people who have high cholesterol.

There are more tricks to lower cholesterol, such as sports and put aside the consumption of saturated fat. You know, diet and exercise cure everything and you can avoid taking pills daily to lower cholesterol.

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