Bad food for cholesterol in summer

During the year, there are several periods in which our eating habits change dramatically, and one of them is summer.


We make more life out of the house and the free buffets, terraces, beach bars or mid-afternoon ice creams come into the scene. Although the heat tends to diminish the appetite a little, there are many who surrender to the pleasures of the holiday season. That’s where the bad foods for cholesterol appear .

  1. Summer diet
  2. Creamy ice cream
  3. Fritters
  4. Fast food
  5. Sauces
  6. Barbecues

Summery diet with bad foods for cholesterol

The diet suffers a certain disorder, and even fluctuates at caloric level depending on the type of holiday and destination chosen. Although there is no equal pattern for everyone, we usually eat and dine without taking into account the quantity and nutritional quality of what we eat.

Although this period is not very long, it can affect cholesterol levels , especially in those who already have hypercholesterolemia . Although the diet must be taken care of throughout the year, it is not necessary to take into account a minimum of dietary considerations during the summer period, and to know which foods have a negative influence on our cardiovascular health .

Bad foods for cholesterol: creamy ice cream

Its content in fat and in simple sugars is what determines the caloric value of this type of ice cream. Basically they are made with sugar, non-fat dairy solids, milk fat (cream, butter) and vegetable fats. On the one hand, the milk base from which they are made can contribute to a greater presence of cholesterol, but not for the whole milk used, but for the presence of cream or butter, whose fat content is greater and mostly saturated. On the other hand, we must consider the quality of the ingredients, because there are many ice creams that we find in the supermarket that contain cheap vegetable fats, such as palm or coconut, which contain appreciable amounts of saturated fatty acids, such as myristic and palmitic, unhealthy at the cardiovascular level because they contribute to the increase of “bad” cholesterol and the formation of atheromatous plaque. This type of fat is usually added to provide a creamier texture to the ice cream, but actually worsen the nutritional quality of the product. If we have to indulge ourselves, better to choose milk ice cream, and craft. And if we want to avoid fat,skimmed milk ice cream , sorbets or ice cream.

Bad foods for cholesterol: Frituras

Fried foods and snacks are usually star dishes from most beach bars and summer terraces. They prepare quickly and are always well received by customers. The fried fish, the calamari a la romana, the chocos, the croquettes or the fried potatoes, are some examples of typical dishes of the cards. The problem is when the frying has been done with an inadequate and very reused oil. With the high temperatures the oils undergo alterations, transforming into trans fats that favor the increase of cholesterol. In addition, toxic compounds appear, equally unhealthy. The most unstable oils that are degraded before are those with a higher content of unsaturated fatty acids, such as sunflower, corn, soda or rapeseed oil. The olive oilIt is more appropriate because its composition in oleic acid, monounsaturated, provides greater stability against high temperatures. Even so, if we eat away from home, it is difficult to control this kind of thing. Therefore, it is better not to abuse the fried foods.

Bad food for cholesterol: Fast food

There are many families that, for convenience and speed, in summer consume more fast food, sausage sandwiches, pastries or snacks. But this type of food increases the intake of saturated fat and trans fat in the diet, and we must try not to take them regularly, and not extend their consumption to the rest of the year. This type of fats increase the level of LDL (bad) cholesterol and decrease the HDL (good) cholesterol, having demonstrated its clear influence on hypercholesterolemia and, therefore, on cardiovascular diseases. Leaving laziness aside, and whether you are going to spend the day on the beach or in the mountains, it is better to choose a lunch box with a variety of salads based on pasta, rice, vegetables or quinoa with vegetables and fruit.

Bad foods for cholesterol: Sauces

In summer there is a greater presence of salads on the table, and those who are not fond of lettuce, tend to dress them up with sauces to provide them with greater flavor and palatability. In the market we find a lot of packaged sauces, not only for all kinds of salads, but also for meat, fish or pasta dishes. You have to read the list of ingredients well to know what type of fat base has been used in its preparation. Vegetable oils such as olive oil or sunflower oil are the best options; but we will also find sauces with palm oil (palm kernel oil or palm stearin), hydrogenated fats (trans), cream or butter, which are usually added to give a certain consistency to the product, but which are very unhealthy if we want take care of cholesterol

Bad food for cholesterol: Barbecues

The good weather encourages us to meet friends and family, and there is no better way to do it than sharing an outdoor barbecue. Are processed meats such as bacon , sausages or fatty sausages (sausages, blood sausages), frequent in this type of events, which are related to increased cardiovascular risk, but not only for an excess of saturated fat, but also for its high content in salt and nitrates.

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